Hydro gates as Eccentric gates


Our main product is the patented gate known as the Eccentric gate, a product designed and produced for a world wide market.


Described by location

  • Eccentric gates for upstream installation
    (i.e. inside a reservoirs dam wall)
  • Eccentric gates for downstream installation
  • Eccentric gates to be mounted inside a slot in dam wall


Described by function

  • Intake gates
  • Bottom outlet gates
  • Eccentric gates for spillways
  • Automatic closing gates in case of downstream bursted pipe or other emergiencies
  • Eccentric gates for replacement of stoplogs


Gate which has replaced Stop Logs:

Please notice:
⁃ Easily manouevered by one person only – rolls up with extremely low friction
⁃ How sediments are removed from sand banks inside dam
⁃ How easy the gate closes - only by its own weight. No gliding gates can perform like this.









Described by sizes

  • All combinations of width and height from 500 mm up to 5000 x 5000 mm.


Described by maximum load

  • Highest load capacity up today: 108 metric tonnes


Described by features

  • Gates without gaskets vulnerable for wear and tear
  • No need for replacement of gaskets under normal use
  • Gaskets can seal direct against a concrete wall
  • Up to 10000 or more cycles up/down without any problem
  • Low demand of manoeuevring forces up and down
  • Easy installation within wide tolerances
  • Extreme capacity against corrosion; stainless steel or epoxy coated surfaces


Manoeuvering equipment for Eccentric gates

  • Manual and hand driven chain hoists or electrical operated hoists
  • Hand driven hydraulic pumps- or electric driven hydraulic pumps + hydraulic cylinder
  • Electrical driven screw jacks or electrically driven trapezoidal screws
  • Our own Balance Lock enabeling mechanical long term holding of Eccentric Gate- and quick release of gate to rapid closing in emergency situations with a low power demand: 70 watts electrical power from a battery in a period of 10 seconds can close a gate with permissible weight up to 5 tonnes.


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