GEOTEX Engineering AS


GEOTEX is located in the northern part of Norway, known for it's beautiful and clean nature, and more so for its natural rescourses of hydro power.

GEOTEX Engineering AS was established in 1985.

The company has designed and manufactured equipment for hydroelectric power plants almost from its inauguration, and has been a producer of weir gates for dams in hydroelectric power plants for almost 34 years. More than 200 gates have been produced, almost all as tailor made cases.
The company made the first known change of a weir gate under water without need for emptying the reservoir. This was done in Tromsøs main reservoir in a depth of 16 mVs by replacing the existing gate by GEOTEX’ own designed and patended gate known as the Eccentric gate. ( Number two in the world was Ruhrverband in Germany , and again GEOTEX in Narvik 2005, in a water depth of 18-25 mVs)

The companys management is holding all degrees of certificates for design of hydraulic steel structures for use in safety-graded water systems and dams given by the Norwegian Water Rescources and Energy Directorate.


The GEOTEX office building at Oteren, Norway located 30 metres from the main road from south to upper north in Norway.


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Products designed and built for a global market:


GEOTEX has been designing and fabricating hydro gate solutions for 34 years. More than 200 gates have been produced and delivered to customers world wide. The photo shows the installation of a GEOTEX Eccentric gate in Kaziba in Kongo.


Our latest projects:

Coco Codo Sinclair Hydroelectric project in Equador

Emergency Shut-down Eccentric gates

Closing Gate for Statkraft, Kobbvatn in Norway

Small Hydro Power in Norway

Replacement of a weir gate 25-32 metres under water

Emergency production of a bottom outlet gate for Statkraft, Norway