Geir Normann Figenschau

Managing Director. Tel: +47 777 14 820

The companys grunder.

Ståle Figenschau

Workshop Leader. Tel: +47 777 14 820

Kjell Gøran Pedersen

Production operator

Harald Olsborg

Production supervisor

Signe Elisabeth Fause

Health specialist and HMS coordinator

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The best people for a challenging job

Our staff is highly qualified for their tasks. Most of them has been with us for many years and know everything there is to know about weir gates and the forces involved, especially in an extreme environment like the harsh climate of Norway.

GEOTEX has delivered products from Zaire in south to Greenland in north, products which still are «standing tall» after almost twenty years in service.

As most of our products are tailor made to our customers specific needs, we have gathered a team that over and over again has shown the ability and creativity needed to solve occuring challenges.